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For grease-lubricated components, the effects of the grease on the bearings can lead to increased heat, drag and ultimately premature failure. By properly selecting a grease that can handle these higher speeds, you can help minimize any potential failures caused by mismatching the lubricant to the application. High-speed Applications

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Choosing a High speed Grease machinerylubrication. The thickener in a grease is commonly referred to as the sponge that holds the oil. The structure of the fibers in the thickener can affect certain grease properties, such as channeling, bleed, dropping point and overall consistency.

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Choosing the Right Grease to Suite Your Specific Application Has Never Been Easier. Choosing the appropriate grease for your equipment depends 100% on the specific application. Some greases will work in multiple capacities, but understanding the specific use, wear and conditions are essential before any recommendation can be made.

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Many different substances can be used to lubricate a surface. Oil and grease are the most common. Grease is composed of oil and a thickening agent to obtain its consistency, while the oil is what actually lubricates. Oils can be synthetic, vegetable or mineral-based as well as a combination of these.

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Grease has high viscosity (like peanut butter). Oil has lower viscosity (like vegetable oil). Grease lubricant is used on parts that will operate at low speed and normal temperature. Oil lubricant is used on parts that operate at high speed and temp. You put grease on the mower wheel axles. You put oil in your Honda mower small engine.

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These additives make a grease stringy and help it stay in place. These tacky greases are great in applications that see a lot of jarring thrust loads--like bucket pins on a backhoe or universal joints on a car. However, you wouldn't want to use that same grease in a high-speed bearing application.

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Wesley Cash is the director of technical services for Noria Corporation. He serves as a senior technical consultant for Lubrication Program Development projects and as a senior instructor for Noria’s Oil Analysis I and II as well as the Machinery Lubrication I and II training courses.

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These high-speed applications also tend to run hotter, which causes the lubricant and the component to break down quicker. Watch this video to learn how you can control this excess heat by selecting the proper high-speed grease.

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Choosing the Right Viscosity. Selecting the right viscosity is dependent on the speed, size, load, and temperature of the lubricated component. In some cases, this may mean selecting a grease rather than an oil. There are many tools and viscosity calculators available that can help in selecting the right viscosity for the component.

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choosing between grease and oil lubrication. Other major factors in selecting a lubricant are speed, lubricant ... For high speeds, stiffer grease, NLGI no. 3, should be used except in ... are commonly used in indoor, heated applications, with 32-grade oils being used for high-speed (10,000 RPM) units

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6 Factors for Selecting a High-speed Grease. Base Oil Viscosity – Ensure the viscosity adequately provides the lubricating film but is not too thick to cause excessive heat and drag. Channeling Characteristics – The grease should be able to channel so excess heat isn’t generated from grease churning.

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How to Select Machines for Oil Analysis ... according to a recent survey at MachineryLubrication.com. Think of the oil more as an information messenger of numerous failure modes and root causes of failure. As I’ve said many times, it’s hard for a machine to be in trouble without the oil knowing about it first. ... Choosing a High-speed ...

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How to Select Right Lubricating Grease For Your Application? In this technological savvy world, newer products and technologies are emerging at much faster pace than we actually think and lubricating greases are not far behind.

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The answer is probably to use a stiffer more temperature tolerant grease. Likely especially true if you print in an enclosure. The core difference between oil and grease is the ability for grease (with the right selection) to stay generally where it is needed. Very important to understand this difference when choosing lubrication for an ...

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There are also many questions about what to do with the information after testing is completed. This session will explain why grease properties need to be monitored just as oil properties require monitoring, as well as how grease testing can help you optimize lubricant replacement and decide whether a grease still offers the expected protection.