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I gave up on grease a while ago. It i sjust too thick and causes issues on the range in cold weather. I use oils on my guns. Use one of the following without issue super lube multi liquid, slip 2000, m-pro -7,fp10,lucas gun oil.

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3 - Lube the spoke seats in the rim, which again, is good practice with any type of spoke nipple. I just use a dab of oil on a Q-Tip. 4 - Lube the threads on the spokes with grease or oil. You don't need thread locking compound if your wheels are properly tensioned.

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Campagnolo designs, produces and distributes top-end components for racing bikes to give absolute results. Tradition, technological development and design are all aspects that make the world of Campagnolo stand out from every aspect.

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Post your mountain bikes, parts and gear for sale here. Cycling job listings okay here.

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I've had issues over the long term with white lithium grease just getting gummy and haven't had that issue with super lube. Enough so I switched luring gears with white lithium to super lube. Reason was opening some of my guns that sat for 10ish years the lithium greased guns were having issues the super lube guns were mostly fine. Take care Luke

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Use a liquid lubricant in the back side and front. Spin freehub to work lube inside. Grease freehub mounting-bolt. Install freehub and any spacer onto hub body. Thread in freehub mounting-bolt and secure fully. Tighten to about 360 inch-pounds. If you are holding a wrench 6 inches from the bolt, apply 60 pounds of effort.

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So you spent a lot of money on a set of Mavic Ksyrium or Crossmax wheels that are by the way, arguably the best bang for the buck wheels currently available that you can both train AND race on, and in a season or so of riding, you start experiencing some shifting issues that are not the easiest to diagnose. These issues can range from noise to skipping, but usually both.

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I'm in the market for a push bike. Haven't owned a bike since I was a kid many years ago. Just moved to an area with lots of bike tracks and back roads so though I might get one for "summer touring"

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Welcome to Boards.ie; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. Boards.ie is a discussion board with a wide range of forums, including - but not limited to - Soccer, Weather, Bargain AlertsSoccer, Weather, Bargain Alerts

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Post your mountain bikes, parts and gear for sale here. Cycling job listings okay here.

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fido666 writes... So based on your reply can I surmise that for an MTB used mainly on-road a P7 would provide adequate coverage? No. As is self evident from my reply to you and preceding posts in earlier parts of this thread, you can be utterly assured that a typical claimed 900 lumens headlight fitted with a P7 emitter excels in that role. But as I also said, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ...

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The list of lube user reviews, editorial reviews, bike deals, used bikes and more - roadbikereview.com

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Shimano Dura Ace Grease Lube user reviews : 0 out of 5 - 0 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.com

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Grease vs Oil for O/U lube ? Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Hammer1, Jan ... best gun grease for over under, best lube for o u shotguns, best over under shotgun grease ... hinge pin perazzi, over under shotgun grease. Trap Shooters Forum. Forums > Trap Shooting Forums > Shooting Related Threads > XenForo Add-ons by Brivium ...

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For example, aside from the reasons already mentioned, I wouldn't use grease on a chain because it's less likely to fully permeate the pins/ rollers, where a thinner lube would. Conversely, I wouldn't use a thinner lube on headsets, BB's and wheel hubs, because it offers less protection against friction and moisture.

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Remove bolt, grease the threads and under the bolt head, and re-secure. Some handlebars use a center section that is press on, called a sleeve. This sleeve may become loose with use, and may begin to creak. Replacement is the best repair in this case. You may try a penetrating thread locking compounds if you have one, but it is likely to keep ...

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I've had a Look Carbon seatpost on my Litespeed Tuscany for the past two years and haven't had any of the problems you mention. I weigh about 175, so if there were something intrinsic to the design that would cause it to slip, I should think I would have been among the first to be affected.

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MTBR is a site run by mountain bikers for mountain bikers, bringing you user reviews and editorial reviews on mountain bikes, mountain bike parts, bike trails, a massive discussion forum with over 130 diffrent categories as well as buying and selling used bikes, news, pictures, videos and hot deals - mtbr.com.

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You need to talk to Octo...she's a pro at riding her bike to work. I've been planning on doing this but I haven't gotten my bike to the shop to get it fixed (it snaps out of geer on hills, of ...


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Speedplay Zero vs. Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Pedal Comparison Review Customer: Recently a customer asked me which pedals he should buy. ... How to lube Speedplay cleats: https: //www.youtube ... and I love the easy entry and actually find them easier to maintain, no need to pull apart to grease, just squirt in the grease until it comes out clean ...