Studies in applied statistics : ship hull design

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These events are known to induce some of the most severe design loads, but are very poorly predicted using current industry standard techniques. The complex fluid-structure interactions can be modelled using coupled CFD and FEA, but the ship's dynamic response is highly nonlinear and must therefore be solved in the time domain.


should be based upon the specified design life. The net scantling assumption is a crucial design parameter for many different areas in the rules and needs therefore to be supported with justification as requested by Sufficient justification for the net scantling approach with regard to hull girder strength has not been found.

Causes and Effects of the Rapid Sinking of the Titan

Like a giant lever, the hull plates transferred the inward forces, applied to the edges of the cracked plates by the water rushing into the hull, to the rivets along the plate seams. The rivets were then either elongated or snapped in two, which broke the caulking along the seams and provided another inlet for water to flood the ship. Design Flaws

Dynamic Loadings Due to Waves and Ship Motio

studies have been made necessary by the drastic changes in merchant ship charac- ... it has been found‘thata ship’s hull, even though a built-up box girder rather than a homogeneous beam, follows ... of rational ship structural design should be one of ultimate strencth -- avoidinz excessive deflection thr~ugh buckling -

Apostolos Papanikolaou | National Technical University of .

Apostolos Papanikolaou, National Technical University of Athens, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department, Faculty Member. Studies Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Ship Design, and Marine Technology.


Simone Mancini, UNIVERSITA' TELEMATICA GIUSTINO FORTUNATO, Facoltà di Giurisprudenza Department, Faculty Member. Studies Ship Propulsion, Fluid Dynamics, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling and simulation.

1. Boat Design, Construction, and Propulsion | Fisheries .

Read chapter 1. Boat Design, Construction, and Propulsion: In developing countries, traditional fishermen are important food contributors, yet technologic...

Naval Architecture with Ocean Engineering BEng .

In second year, students take part in the design and build of a small-scale racing yacht. This combines the use of professional Naval Architecture design software for hull design and computer-aided manufacture for hull generation. This is combined with hands-on practical skills and hydrodynamic testing.

Best Master's Degrees in Naval Architecture 20

Generally consisting of advanced studies in the science of ship design, including modeling and testing, as well as a thorough understanding of related principles such as fluid dynamics, a master's degree in naval architecture prepares students for success in maritime industry positions.

Naval Architecture | S

Topics include: static equilibrium of ship hull girder, still water and wave loads on ships; calculation of load effects on ship hull girder, bending and shear stresses in ship hull girder, calculation of cross-sectional properties of ship buckling of columns, truss structures and statistical analysis of stress time series.

Naval Architecture with High Performance Marine Vehicles .

Naval Architecture with High Performance Marine Vehicles BEng ... This course creates designers with all the core skills of ship design, construction, operation and maintenance. They also have a particular specialisation in the creative design and engineering of high performance leisure and commercial vehicles, including sailing and power ...

Sci-Hub: устраняя преграды на пути .

Сейчас распространение научных статей, как и другой научной и образовательной информации, искусственно ограничено ...

Intact stability analysis of dead ship conditions using FO

the occurrence of the stipulated wave and wind forces. Other interesting studies along the same lines have been published, e.g. Paroka et al. (2006). Reliable statistics of capsize in dead ship conditions require long time domain simulations. This can be very time consuming when a detailed hydrodynamic model is applied.

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(PDF) On the statistics of ice loads on ship hull in the .

On the statistics of ice loads on ship hull in the Baltic / ... Risk based ship design (RBSD) is also widely applied e.g. for the passengers ships. ... Studies on the statistics of ice loads have ...

Propeller-Induced Hull Vibration – Analytical Metho

an intense, fluctuating pressure impact on the ship’s hull. With modern propeller design, a small to moderate amount of sheet cavitation is often unavoidable in order

Polar Icebreakers in a Changing World: An Assessment of U .

Icebreaking ships are a relatively new evolution in the history of ship design and construction. Conventional ships in or near ice-covered waters from the earliest years of recorded history had to do their best to avoid the ice. If they failed, they risked being trapped in ice with the potential ...

A Method for the Quantitative Assessment of Performance of .

Overall bending of a ship’s hull girder is a very important failure mode, which is normally catastrophic and has severe consequences. It is thus of great importance to accurately predict the ultimate strength of hull girders so that an adequate but not excessive safety margin for this failure condition can be ensured at the ship design stage.

Hydrodynamic optimization of twin-skeg LNG ships by CFD .

Hydrodynamic optimization of twin-skeg LNG ships by CFD and model testing. ... For the best quartile of the same statistics the twin skeg hull forms still require 2–3% less propulsive power than the corresponding single screw designs. ... as for many regions in hull design the distance between skegs has to be determined by other practical ...


faculty of engineering and applied science. ... term 7: term 8: 3054 ocean eng hydrostatics: 4061 mar prod & eng mang: complementary studies elective: 6002 ship hull strength: 7002 ship struc ana & design: 8600 ooge project: 3205 chem & phys of materials ii: 4102 engineering economics: 5011 res and prop: 6925 auto control engineering: 7005 ...

TMR4205 Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Marine Structur

TMR4205 Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Marine Structures Chapter 3: Buckling of Stiffened Plates ... examples are the hull girder and superstructure of a ship, the pontoons of a semi-submersible ... the energy method may be applied in the same way as demonstrated for column