Grease degradation in a bearing simulation device P M

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Grease Degradation in Rolling Element Bearings | P. M .

Grease is degraded during use in rolling element bearings and as a result the lubrication performance can deteriorate. Under severe conditions this can result in lubrication failure and, thus, the ...

(PDF) Studies of the Kinetics of Lithium Grease .

Stuttgart/Ostfild- observed for the methyl and methylene groups character- ern, Germany (2008) istic for lithium 12-hydroxystearate molecules. This con- 10. Paszkowski, M.: Some aspects of grease flow in lubrication systems and friction nodes.

film thickness and friction in grease lubricated contacts .

The rheological parameters of lubricating greases (G1 , G2 , G˚ , K, m, τy , τ , η, tan pδq) were measured / calculated to characterize thickener-oil interaction, grease flow and viscoelastic characteristics and determine their possible influence on grease traction behaviour, film thickness and rolling bearing friction torque.

Tribological properties of polyol-ester-based lubricants .

Wang, D, Mousavi, P, Hauser, PJ Novel testing system for evaluating the thermal stability of polyol ester lubricants. ... Makowska, M, Kajdas, C, Gradkowski, ... Grease degradation in a bearing simulation device.


Seznam odborné literatury: 1. Grease degradation in a bearing simulation device, P M Cann, Tribology International, Volume 39, Issue 12, pp 1698-1706, (December 2006) 2.

The influence of bearing grease composition on friction in .

P.M. CannGrease lubrication of rolling element bearings — role of the grease thickener. Lubr Sci, 19 (2007), pp. 183-196 ... P.M. CannGrease degradation in a bearing simulation device. Tribol Int, 39 (2006), pp. 1698-1706. Google Scholar ... J. LäugerCorrelation between friction and flow of lubricating greases in a new tribometer device ...

The Development of a Lubricant Traction Measurement Syst

Abstract. A ball-disc traction test rig is improved through the development of a lubricant traction measurement system, consisting of a resonance force sensitive quartz sensor, a circuit of the sensor and a rigid bracket jointed by a frictionless hinge.

Accelerated Test Methods for Reliability Predicti

characteristics in order to predict the onset of wearout or degradation failures, either in operation or when the system is stored in a ready state. Figure 3 plots data from a degradation test, where metal alloy components are prepared with a small notch, then subjected to repeated flexing until fatigue cracks form and lengthen.

Tribological behaviors of three novel imidazoline-type .

Three novel imidazoline-type thiadiazole derivatives are prepared and used as antiwear and extreme-pressure additives in biodegradable lithium grease, and their tribological performances are evaluated using a four-ball tester. Tribological tests show that all derivatives are effective in reducing wear, especially at lower additive concentrations.

Microbubble Phenomenon in the Grease Lubricating Film .

A microbubble phenomenon induced by micro-oscillation in the grease lubricating film confined within a nanogap between a highly polished steel ball and a smooth glass disc has been observed with an interferometer. Experimental results show that when the micro-oscillation frequency is a constant ...

Lubricants | September 2016 - Browse Articl

Lubricants, Volume 4, Issue 3 (September 2016) . Issues are regarded as officially published after their release is announced to the table of contents alert mailing list.; You may sign up for e-mail alerts to receive table of contents of newly released issues.; PDF is the official format for papers published in both, html and pdf forms.

Biocides in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids: A Critical Review .

Biocides are critical components of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) fluids used for unconventional shale gas development. Bacteria may cause bioclogging and inhibit gas extraction, produce toxic hydrogen sulfide, and induce corrosion leading to downhole equipment failure. The use of biocides such as glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds has spurred a public concern and debate ...

Analysis and Characterization of Waste Lubricating Grease .

2006 [14] reported a similar observation for grease degradation in a bearing simulation device. The WGDO spectrum shows an intense (C=O) band at 16701725 cm-1, - which is due to oxidation of the oil and small traces of the thickener. Rincon et al, 2007 [15] pointed out that the co-extraction of oxidation compounds together with base oil may

Influence of Cage Clearance on Bearing Lubrication .

The effect of the cage clearance on the lubricant supply and elastohydrodynamic (EHL) film thickness has been studied in a ball-on-disc device. A single pocket from a standard nylon cage was mounted around the ball. The cage was instrumented so that the clearance between the cage and ball could be altered. Film thickness measurements were made with and without the cage present and for ...

(PDF) Grease Degradation in R0F Bearing Tes

Grease Degradation in R0F Bearing T ests. P. M. CANN. ... Lubricant composition was examined under dynamic conditions using a modified ball-on-disc bearing simulation rig. Lithium hydroxystearate ...

Grease lubrication of rolling element bearings — role of .

Lubricant film thickness and friction were measured for different grease thickener types in a bearing simulation device. The results showed that the greases formed thick (20–80nm), low friction surface layers at low speeds, which were much greater than the corresponding base oil film. ... P. M. Lugt, R . Bosman, C ... Thermal modeling of a ...


This paper examines solid additives as a function of contamination of lubricant to explore and evaluate the influence on the frictional coefficient. Silica sand with different particle sizes and Fe powder all at five concentration levels were used to

NAVER Academic > Grease lubrication of rolling element .

Lubricant film thickness and friction were measured for different grease thickener types in a bearing simulation device. The ... Grease lubrication of rolling element Author ...

Assessing workability of greased bearings after long-term .

Abstract. Here, we developed a technique to assess the workability of sealed-for-life greased rolling bearings after a long-term storage. In this framework, we devised a model of equivalent transition between the conditions of natural ageing under daily and seasonally fluctuating temperature, and the conditions of accelerated thermal ageing at a constant high temperature.

... for Internal Temperature of Rolling Bearings--《Bearing .

Based on the basic theories of heat transfer and tribology of rolling bearings, a temperature simulation model of rolling bearings system was developed with CFD code Fluent ...

3(5)250$1&( $1' 7(67,1* 2) +$5021,& '5,9( *($56 /8%5,&$7 .

With the aid of specific test device, twelve harmonic drive gears whose inner fexspline diameter is 60mm and . reduction ratio is 200:1, were divided into four groups to estimate their performance degradation and life under four kinds of output torque stress respectively in vacuum.