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This document includes our requirements for sustainability, compliance, and anti-corruption activities and applies to all procurement contracts. We also use a variety of tools and methods to ensure that our sustainability requirements are complied with in the supply chain.

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NSK Initiative on CO 2 Emissions Reduction Since 1999, our plants have been focused on the reduction of CO 2 emissions from our own manufacturing facilities in addition to producing products to minimize energy consumption. Consistently we have exceeded a year-over year target of 1% CO 2 reduction per production unit, and have also reduced the absolute CO 2 emission levels, independent of ...

Sustainability Report 2017 - Danfo

Sustainability Report 2017 The Danfoss Group3/26 In Danfoss, we believe that smart energy technology is fundamental to long-term value creation – both when it comes to protecting the environment, securing a healthy climate, and ensuring a healthy economy. By combining


DMC carries out annual internal audits for the environment through which skillful internal auditors confirm conformance to ISO14001 standards and the effective implementation of PDCA cycle. ... DMC considers the reduction of the CO2 emissions that contribute to increasing temperatures as a corporate responsibility and works toward this in all ...

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Sustainability Sustainability, also known as Sustainable Development, is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only by the present generations, but also future ones. One of the key aspects of sustainability is using less material.

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principles and the protection of the environment ... environmental impact of CO2 emissions, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), industrial effluents and waste. Compliance Applying the best available know-how, in compliance with environmental and safety legislation and the reduction of risks inherent to the activities performed.

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Energy is the fuel of the body. The responsible use of energy is also critical for our planet to survive. In order to mitigate climate change, we are committed to reducing our absolute energy consumption and CO2 emissions, transitioning to clean energy, and looking into energy harvesting opportunities. adidas is proactively addressing the impacts of climate change through a number of ...

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We set ambitious targets for energy and CO2 reduction while protecting the environment and minimizing our use of resources. Product compliance. We focus on product compliance as an enabler for risk mitigation and world-class product quality. People, health and safety ... Read our sustainability report and learn more about our sustainability ...

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Sustainability > Environment > Air emissions > Carbon dioxide emissions > Carbon dioxide emissions. In 2017, the NSG Group was responsible for emitting 3.7m tonnes of CO 2. This is a 5 percent reduction on the previous year. Our Scope 1 emissions from our furnaces and fuel were 2.9m tonnes. Our measured ...

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Information on Panasonic's CSR & environmental activities "CO2 Reduction" CO2 Reduction - Environment - Sustainability - About Us - Panasonic Global Our website uses cookies and similar tools to improve its performance and enhance your user experience and by continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to their use.

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We work continuously to further reduce emissions from our production. We have set ourselves ambitious quantitative goals to this end. From 2019 onward, we follow our new target of CO 2-neutral* growth until 2030. This means that we want to serve the globally growing demand for chemical products ...

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Sustainability / Environment. ... (through in-house waste reduction programs) and ensure compliance (or better) with relevant environmental acts and regulations. ... From 2013 to 2018 Senversa has cumulatively offset 909 tonnes of CO2-e through the surrender of offsets through Carbon Neutral’s carbon offset programs.

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We participated in the CO2 Reduction/Light- Down Campaign organized by the Ministry of the Environment. On June 21 (summer solstice) and July 7 (Cool Earth Day), we simultaneously cut off the lights of outdoor advertisements at 23 locations.

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KPMG works with clients to help identify and understand the sustainability risks and opportunities for businesses. KPMG works with clients to respond to sustainability, climate change and water issues.

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The entire Nidec Group tries to understand and reduce important the environmental burden generated as a result of its business activities by engaging in activities to achieve its intensity-based targets in order to make its business more environmentally efficient.

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Environment & Energy Management. ... using recycled steel (scrap) which lowers the emissions of CO2. ... Our aim is an additional 10% reduction in the specific consumption of electric energy and a 15% reduction in the specific consumption of natural gas that represents savings in CO2 emissions of more than 300,000 tons per year.

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NSK Initiative on CO 2 Emissions Reduction Since 1999, our plants have been focused on reducing CO 2 emissions from our own manufacturing facilities as well as producing products to minimise energy consumption. Having consistently exceeded a year-on year target of 1% CO 2 reduction per production unit, we are also reducing the absolute CO 2 emission levels, independent of production levels.

Sustainability Report 2018 - utacgroup.c

sustainability systems, processes and practices have also been certified to meet ISO14001,OHSAS18001; ... In 2018, UTAC’s CO2 discharge was 235,474 tons, representing a reduction of 60,445 tons or a significant 20.3% reduction, taking 2012 data as the baseline when measured against business output ...

Environmental Report 2012 - mitsubishielectric.c

Environment-Related Business 75 Reducing CO2 from Power Generation 77 Respecting Biodiversity 78 ... we have established CO 2 emissions reduction targets for our frontlines of production and ... compliance, quality, safety, costs, the environment, delivery, and inventory. As is the case when


In addition to adhereing to global standards and best practices, we go the extra mile by reducing energy, waste, water consumption and CO2 emission as well as complying with higher checmical compliance standards. With 2020 Sustainability Roadmap, Nan Yang Textile Group strives to reduce impact on the environment in every stage of our value chain.

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compliance. Sustainability Policy Our Sustainability Policy recognises the objectives set out by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) in their ‘Sustainable Development in Higher Education: 2008 update to Strategic Statement and Action Plan’ (HEFCE 2009/03). Specifically, the University will aim to: