Contribution Guidelines

Thank you very much for your interest in The Ever After Box. We are always accepting books, samples, promotional items and other goodies, but please do not send us anything unless you’ve received acceptance or approval to do so. Unsolicited items will be thrown away and not returned.

Though our subscription box presents a potential promotional opportunity, our main goal is to provide a valuable and fun-filled gift box to our subscribers. With that in mind, these are some basic guidelines for the items that we accept.


If you would like to contribute items that include logos, covers, or slogans that are copyrighted from your books in a way that the main value of the item comes from the use of the copyrighted material–i.e. a T-shirt with your book cover, you will need to have permission to use these items for promotional purposes. It is our position that The Ever After Box is distributing these items, not reselling them. However, it is a gray area, so we do ask that a release form be signed indicating that you have the permission to use the copyrighted material in such a manner and that no financial compensation is expected as part of the transaction. We may additionally require proof that you retain merchandising rights or have written permission to use the material from the relevant owners, i.e. publisher, cover artists, designers, etc.

If you are creating branded items using your name, website URL or slogan which you hold the rights to, we will still require a release, but this case is a lot less involved than using a third party’s intellectual property.

If you are contributing items that are not branded, you may include a business card, bookmark or postcard indicating that the item was “Brought to you by……”  In this case, the value of the item does not come from your copyrighted material. As long as you have permission to distribute cover images on promotional items such as bookmarks, then you should be fine here.

You are not allowed to rebrand an item by replacing it with your logo. For example, it’s a fun practice to cover candy bars with our own wrappers to pass out as wedding favors or conference swag. Similarly, one might buy a big bag of M&Ms and put them in cute little jars with your logo on it. This practice won’t be allowed in the subscription box.

An exception to the above circumstance is private label companies who have given you permission to repackage in this manner.

Print Books

The service is targeted towards readers and every box contains at least one print book. Donations of print books will always be in high demand, however we are looking for books that fit the box theme. We accept books in either mass market paperback, trade size, or hardcover, but need to carefully coordinate as each of those sizes has different space and weight considerations when it comes to packing and shipping.

1) Hardcover books will likely only be accepted in special situations such as a limited edition box or in cases where a publisher or author is willing to contribute enough copies to cover the month’s subscription list.

2) Trade and mass market paperbacks will be accepted on a case by case basis. Our team will review the book in order to make a determination whether it fits the planned theme. For large trade paperbacks, we may request a sample be sent to us so we can gauge size, weight and quality prior to accepting. We ask that you contribute at least 50 copies to be considered.

Ebook Downloads
If you have your own method worked out using printed information cards combined with Instafreebie or, we can include those in the box. Paper swag rules will apply here — they must fit the theme and look nice! If you are an author who owns the rights to your book and wishes to provide a download through our server, we can work with you to create a download page and codes. Designing and printing the download cards is still the responsibility of the author.

Purchased gift items – Branded
For T-shirts, bags, mugs and other branded items, we ask that you contribute enough items to fulfill the entire subscription list. In the case where the number of subscribers is higher than your allotted budget, you can get creative. For example — more than one contributor can team up to co-create a gift item. Or multiple contributors can collaborate in order to contribute different versions of the same item.

If your proposal is really creative, the Ever After Box team may work with you to find a solution. We have already signed several licensing agreements to create author merchandise. We love clever swag and we like to reward creativity.

Purchased gift Items – non-Branded

We don’t want the Ever After Boxes to be filled with a bunch of advertisements. We are always looking for clever, geeky, cool plays on the themes. Items that are attention grabbing, conversation starters, that make people smile, that are really darn useful — we are always on the lookout for these.  And if your item is accepted, you will receive a shout out in the box information card and you may also include your promotional materials alongside the item. So everyone knows who is responsible for such awesomeness.  You must contribute enough items — or combination of equivalent items — to cover the entire subscription list. As with the above section, consider teaming up with other contributors in order to split the numbers.

Handmade items

If you have an Etsy shop and sell your own creations — cool! Or you may not be a vendor, but you’re crafty and crazy enough to want to create your own handmade swag. That’s our kind of crazy. We’ll have to take it on a case by case basis to see if the item fits and is suitable for distribution.  You must contribute enough items to cover the entire subscription list.

Food items

We will only accept perishable items that have a shelf life of at least a month and are properly packaged for resale. These items must be from a licensed vendor. No homemade cookies for all, sadly. All the same branding rules from above apply here.  You must contribute enough items to cover the entire subscription list.

Paper Items – promotional
We will accept a limited number of paper items: ebook download cards, bookmarks, postcards, etc. Included in this category are also buttons, stickers, and refrigerator magnets. Well-designed items will have the advantage. For these items, you must provide enough items to cover the entire subscription list.

How many subscribers are on your list?
Our website launched on January 1, 2016 and we are building subscribers every day. The exact numbers continue to change. If you’d like to contribute an item, indicate what your limits are and we’ll work with you to figure out a workable solution if the item is a good fit.

How do I know what themes are upcoming?
Join the Ever After Box Insiders List. We post calls for contributions as we’re planning upcoming boxes. Each call will also have suggested items for the boxes that Insiders can contribute. The same information is also posted on the Insiders Facebook group.