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DISCLAIMER: Information shared over this form is not protected or privileged. If your idea of making bobble heads for your hero is adopted by the Ever After Box team or another author, this is the risk you take by using this form. If you feel that you must share sensitive ideas or intellectual property that requires non-disclosure or non-compete agreements, please contact us through our Contact Form to engage us directly before sharing sensitive information.

Use this form to propose an Ever After Box contribution. If you would like to contribute a book, please include the title, number of books, and any other relevant information in the Description section. You can propose up to three items. If you’d like to propose items for more than one theme, please use a new form for each theme.

If you have images or documentation about the item you would like to contribute, you can include them as attachments. There is a 1MB limit. Two attachments allowed per form.

Contributions proposed on this page are expected to be submitted free of charge in return for distribution in the Ever After Box. If you are proposing a business partnership or trying to promote a product for us to purchase, please use the Contact form on the website.

BRAINSTORM: If you really want to participate in a theme, but are running low on creative ideas, just select “Brainstorm” as the type of contribution. We’ll reach out to you to collaborate. We LOVE talking swag. 🙂

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