How do I contact Customer Support?

For technical, billing, or any other customer support issues, please use our Contact Form. Allow 24 hours for us to respond to your query.

What if my shipment was damaged or I need to request a refund?

Please contact customer support via the Contact Form. We will get in touch as soon as possible about sending a replacement or refund.

How will I be billed?

In the initial launch, all payments will start on February 1st, 2016 when the service launches. After that, the regular billing and shipping cycle will start with subscriptions renewing on the 1st of the month. The boxes will ship around the 20th.

After the initial launch period, you will be billed once upon sign-up for your first box. Starting with your second box, you’ll fall on our regular billing and shipping cycles with the subscription renewing on the 1st of each month for the month to month service plan.

If you sign-up after the cut-off date of the 23rd, you will receive next month’s box and the recurring billing cycle will start the month after that. For example, if you sign-up on February 24th, you will receive March’s box as your first box. After that, your subscription will renew on April 1st.

If you have ordered a three-month plan, you will be billed initially for three months. After receiving three boxes, your plan will renew on the first day of the next month.

If you have ordered a six-month plan, you will be billed initially for six months. After receiving six boxes, your plan will renew on the first day of the next month.

Can I try a box before signing up for a subscription?

You can cancel at any time with our standard 1 month subscription. Just sign-up for the subscription and cancel any time before the next renewal date.

We also have products that do not auto-renew. You will be charged a one time fee for the cost of the product, but you will not be automatically recharged. See our Gift Shop for products that do not require a subscription.

How can I change or cancel my subscription?

You can change or cancel your subscription any time before your next renewal date. Changes will take effect on the next renewal. If you cancel or change after the renewal date, you will be billed for the next cycle and then your cancellation will take effect.

If you have signed up for a three month subscription, your changes will take effect after you have received three boxes. If you have signed up for a six month subscription, your changes will take effect after you have received six boxes.

In order to change or cancel your subscription, go to My Account on the website to access your subscription plan. You may make changes to your account details and your payment information. You can also access and cancel subscription by clicking on your subscription plan.

Can I purchase a subscription for someone else?

To buy a subscription for someone else, such as a gift, you would put the billing address as your own, but the shipping address would be for the recipient.

If your subscription is eligible for a bonus gift, the gift is also sent to the shipping address.

Note: Any eligible sales tax will be computed off the shipping address.

What if I want to skip a particular theme or month?

If you’d like to skip a month for any reason, you can suspend your subscription. Go to the My Account page and select “View” on your subscription. In the subscription window, you can click “Suspend” to temporarily stop the subscription.When you are ready to turn your subscription back on, click on “Activate”. You will not be billed for the months when your account is suspended.

NOTE: If you suspend a subscription after the renewal date, the first of the month, then you will be billed and receive that month’s box.

On the other hand, after you activate,  you will be billed on the first of the following month and receive the next month’s box.

Can I purchase more than one subscription?

You may purchase more than one subscription and specify a different shipping address for each subscription, if desired. At this time, the checkout process requires that you complete a separate order for each purchase.

Why can I only order one product at a time?

Our shop has a mix of subscriptions and stand-alone products, each of which have different limits and required information such as billing/shipping address.  In order to ensure the cleanest checkout process, each time you add a product, any remaining items are cleared and the transaction goes directly to checkout in order to prevent errors. We are working to build the most user-friendly and efficient process possible and may modify this feature in the future as we continue to develop the site. Thank you for your patience!

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

We have gift certificates for special introductory packages. See our Gift Shop to browse available products. Gift certificates/gift cards are virtual only. Your recipient will be sent an e-mail to be notified that they have received a gift. If you would prefer to forward yourself, you can specify your e-mail address as the recipient. When redeeming the gift certificate, the recipient will be required to place and order and create a membership registration in order to redeem.

We are working to implement a more flexible gift card offering in the future.

How does the Tell A Friend Program work?

When a new subscriber signs up, there’s a field during checkout which asks if they were referred by a friend. All they need to do is put your name as the person who referred them and we will apply the Tell A Friend discount to your next upcoming box. The discount only applies if you are a current subscriber. Only one discount per box, up to three boxes total. The discount will be applied automatically each month.

Do you plan to ship to Canada or other international locations?

We are currently researching options for shipping to Canada and other international addresses. The subscription box business is highly dependent on shipping costs and we need to look carefully into box shipping and taxes for international commerce. But we most definitely are working on this — romance is a global community of readers and we’d love to include everyone as soon as possible!

As an author, how do I participate in the Ever After Box?

For more information on how to participate, please go to our For Authors page. We are always looking to collaborate with authors to create the best experience possible for our subscribers.