Valentine’s Card & E-book Sampler


Candygram! Send a sweet message to a friend or loved one with a vintage romance-themed card along with romantic reads and a sweet treat.  Card ships unsealed and blank unless a message is specified.

Flavor options:

    1. Rose & Honey Connection: Silk rose petals warmed with cardamom and vanilla
    2. Piña Colada: Divine pineapple and coconut.
    3. Forbidden Fruit: Pomegranate in Petals Ripe Blushing Eden
    4. 50 Shades of Earl Grey: Bergamot & Not-So-Vanilla Surrender
    5. Hot Professor: Tempting apple and fall spice blend
  • Greeting card, 3 ebooks + 1 aphrodisiac lollipop
  • Ships in time for Valentine's Day


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